Laurie McGugan
April 23-May 4, 2014

Opening:  Thursday, April 24th, 7 pm - 10 pm.
Hours:  Wednesdays to Saturday 12 noon - 6 pm | Sunday 12- 5pm

An exhibiton of a series of oil on gilcee photographs. Inspired by explorations of gravel pits in Ontario.

Cowboy and Gun2for card 2
InQuarries is a response to a visit I made to gravel pits in rural Ontario in 2010. It is a
hidden world, encircled by landscaped berms that block the public’s view. In the gravel
pit itself, men were moving gravel around with trucks and loaders like children playing
in a big sandbox. My work unveils this hidden world and plays with this idea by painting
large scale pails and shovels and other toys into the scene. The result provides a
comment on scale and innocence.

Looking On (1440ppi)

I find it intriguing when art plays a role in a conversation about public issues, creating
a platform or context yet not supporting either side of the issue. By injecting the idea of
play, this allows the viewer approach the subject from a different direction.
Technically, I have juxtaposed the digitally produced image with the objects on the
surface rendered in oil. The contrast is apparent only in real life, and a comment on
how photographic images are routinely manipulated.

Laurie McGugan studied art and art history at McMaster University. She has
participated in exhibitions in public art galleries and artist run centres in Ontario. Laurie
has shown her work across Canada, and internationally and has completed temporary
and permanent public art installations in Kingston, Bloomfield, Edmonton and Toronto,
including Circle of Trees in Woodbine Park, Toronto.

A complete chronological portfolio is available at
Gwen Tooth
April 23- May 4, 2014

Opening reception: Thursday, April 24, from 7 to 10 pm

03 GwenTooth 2012 Tsunami No 9 Acrylic 36inx48in(1)
Gwen Tooth, TSUNAMI, An exhibition of acrylic paintings expressing the destructive energy of tsunami waves. Nature is in control. Artist in Attendance: April 26, 27, May 3, 4

For this show, “Tsunami”, I have followed along in my exploration of expressing the soul, energy and movement of bodies of water.  This “Tsunami” series has been a natural progression for me as I move through different experiences with water.

My first solo series, “Rhythms of the Sea” explored images that were painted intuitively, but which expressed the feelings and kinetic energy involved with sunrises and sunsets as viewed for lengthy periods until they became ingrained into my subconscious.

This current exploration into the destructive and damaging forces of tsunami walls takes me further into the dark side and danger of uncontrollable walls of water.  I have incorporated bits of gold foil, and many types of textured mediums, such as black lava, resin sand and glass beads to express the nature and power of the churning and fast-moving wall of water as it picks up debris, crunches prized possessions, and stirs up the ground beneath it. This is the force of total destruction.  With the installation of these paintings in close proximity, I am creating the feeling that nature is in charge, not humans.
Gwen Tooth 2012 Tsunami No 1 Acrylic 36inx36in RES300


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