OCCAM'S RAZOR: Art, Science and Aesthetics

At Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts
April 2 - 20, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday April 3, 7-10pm
At the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Road, Toronto
May 3 to June 1, 2014

"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." - Pablo Picasso

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."   - Albert Einstein
These entwined ideas – which underlie Occam’s Razor – form a thread that links the realms of science and art. Scientists rely on Occam’s Razor, which holds that simpler explanations, all things being equal, are better than more complex ones, to refine their theories and experiments.
With reference to Occam’s Razor, the interdisciplinary discourse presented by Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts and the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre in this exhibition, seeks to narrow the cultural divide between Art and Science.
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Kelley Bell. "Where Ghosts Come From: The Kubler-Ross Device" video still.
Additional Programming:
Ontario Science Centre’s Café Scientifique presents: Art & Science: Same process, different products?
Wednesday April 9, 6- 8:30pm
Gladstone Hotel  1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON
Join us at Propeller after the discussion until 9:30pm
Take a second glance at the intersections between art and science. Is there more in common than you imagined?
Join a variety of artists and scientists for a spirited discussion about the overlap between art and science.
View works from the Occam’s Razor exhibition and exchange ideas about the true meaning of art and science.
Presented in conjunction with the Occam’s Razor exhibition at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (PCVA) and the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre.
For more information on Cafe Scientifique visit: http://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/CafeSci/Toronto/
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Jayanne English and Willy LeMaitre. "Simple but not Simplier: The Model and its Anomalies." Lenticular Print.

Lecture at Propeller: Sunday April 13, 2:00pm (time TBC)
Title:  Cosmos vs Canvas: Using Art to Reveal Science in Astronomy Public Outreach Images

Speaker:  Dr. Jayanne English (Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, Dept of Physics and Astronomy)
Lecture Abstract:  Bold colour images from telescopes act as extraordinary ambassadors for astronomers because they pique the public's curiosity.  But are they snapshots documenting physical reality?  Or are we looking at artistic spacescapes created by digitally manipulating astronomy images? This lecture provides a tour of how original black and white data are converted into the colour images gracing magazines. Often the attempt by scientists to represent their discoveries all but drowns out the voice of visual literacy. Yet sometimes in this battle, between the cultures of science and visual art, both sides win. This struggle will be presented from the perspective of a professional astronomer who has coordinated the Hubble Heritage Project and also trained as an artist. This lecture outlines how artistic techniques - such as colour contrast and composition - can be used to produce a more engaging scientific image with greater clarity for the non-expert public.

Occam's Razor curators:
Kathe Merilovich, Artist, Initiator of Occam's Razor Project
Ana Klasnja, M.A., !dea Gallery, Ontario Science Centre, Invited Curator
Robin Kingsburgh, B.Sc., Ph.D., Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences/ School of Interdisciplinary 
Studies, OCAD University and Division of Natural Science, York University
Stephen Morris, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., J Tuzo Wilson Professor of Geophysics, University of Toronto
Michelle Letarte, Ph.D., Professor of Immunology, University of Toronto, and Senior Scientist, Hospital for Sick Children

Exhibition support: Katie Micak (PCVA Gallery Director), Laura Dobson, Cate Hopkins and Propeller's membership.
Special thanks to the Ontario Science Centre and Occam's Razor sponsor huutaArt.
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