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Come Together curated by Barbara Astman  |  April 27 - May 15 | Opening: Thurs. April 28th 6:30-9:30PM

Propeller gallery presents our much-anticipated annual guest curated exhibition, now in its 19th year. Each year Propeller invites a prominent figure within the arts community to contribute their knowledge and experience in developing a theme and selecting works for a completely unique exhibition. This year we have the pleasure of hosting Toronto-based artist Barbara Astman as curator. The theme, Come Together looks at unity, community and collaboration within the arts.

Featured artists: 

Adrian Fish, Alejandro Arauz, Alexa Phillips, Connie Chappel, Cairn Cunnane, Cathy Griggs, Christine De Vuono, Dianne Davis, Dorota Dziong, Elspeth Wood, Jacqueline Trealoar, Jane Murdoch Adams, Joseph Muscat, Kate MacDonald & Les Sears, Kristina Dittmar & Sam Pierre, Linda Briskin, Matthew Gardiner, Nicole Moss, Painters 6, Paula Maclean, Robert Quance, Ryan Van Der Hout, Sheilah Wilson, Theresa Passarello, Verronique Tremblay, Walter Segers, Wayne Kodje, Wilfred Wong

Curator’s statement:

The theme for the Propeller curated exhibition is “Come Together”. This is obviously based on the title of the well-known Beatle’s song from 1969. The song was written originally to facilitate building bonds and uniting as one.

I am applying those very words to the art community. “Come Together” makes the case for community both personal and public. It also addresses human attachment, love, intimacy, togetherness, human interaction and longing.  

Come together right now over me. (go ahead and sing it.)

-       Babara Astman, Artist.



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