COLOUR | Group Member Exhibition | June 25 - July 5, 2015

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Opening Reception: Thursday April 23, 6:30 – 10 pm



Colour plays dynamic expressive and structural roles in the work of art, but also in our living experiences as social beings. We use colour to see the world in terms of texture and difference, and it is a primal element in language and culture. Colour is both physical and meta-physical. Thus colour is not simply a property of some thing, it is an event that happens at the intersection of vision and interpretation. But if colour is an event, every event needs a setting. Each colour event, no matter how small, must happen somewhere. For example, what or where is the red, without the rose?

This exhibition will explore the theme of colour as a fluid, dynamic, linguistic, primal force through the work of various Propeller members. Colour as a cue, a difference-maker, colour as contrast and colour to take away the breath. 

Artists featured in this exhibition include David Griffin, Gwen Tooth, Robin Kingsburgh, Jane Murdoch Adams, DNA Dodds, Ross Winter, Anthony Saad, Peter Barelkowski, Thomas Hlavacek, Michelle Letarte, Joseph Muscat and more!


For more information contact:

Nathan Heuvingh, Gallery Director

Propeller Gallery

30 Abell Street, Toronto, ON M6J 0A9




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