ANASTESSIA BETTAS & GORDON STAMPER | 2NU: NEW MEMBER EXHIBITION | October 14 - November 1, 2015 | North Gallery

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ANASTESSIA BETTAS & GORDON STAMPER   |   2NU    |    October 14 - November 1st, 2015

Propeller’s newest members Anastessia Bettas and Gordon Stamper come together for their inaugural exhibition as part of the collective. Both artists reflect distinct styles in painting, employing unique approaches to their artistic practice. 

About the artists:

Anastessia Bettas - 

My work is influenced by the urban environment and social connectedness. The clustering and overcrowding of people in revitalized urban areas distresses the landscape physically and metaphorically. I capture the vitality of the urban experience using grids to evoke aerial views, landscapes and cartography. The grids are the infrastructure within city environments but also suggest a journey and the desire for a home.

I’m drawn to the spontaneous nature of encaustic for its textural possibilities and strive to create a distressed surface. I use incised encaustic techniques together with multiple layers of paint, scraping back and repainting; resulting in visual effects that represent urban erosion, decay and chaotic energy.

Gordon Stamper - 

Coming soon...



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