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 The Gala Event: 18th December, 7pm–11pm


"Off the Wall" is a gala event with a twist: Donated works of art are hung in the gallery for a pop-up exhibition in December. On the final night of the exhibition – December 18th –  we hold our annual ticketed gala event, Off the Wall,  a fun night of food and drink. Ticket numbers are randomly drawn and the ticket-holder has sixty seconds- just one minute- to select an artwork to take Off the Wall !! December 18th will be a night of food and drink, great art and atmosphere, with the excitement of the live ticket draw, and the action of particpants as they claim their work. Come out and support the gallery, get warm, and have a great time.

Imagine having an original work of art for the holidays for just $125.  


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One (1)  Ticket for Off the Wall Gala -- $125 
Take ONE (1) original piece of art home with you, "Off The Wall".

- or -

Get an extra 20% saving when you purchase 3 or more tickets.

Three (3)  Ticket for Off the Wall Gala -- $300
Take THREE (3) original pieces of art home with you, "Off The Wall".  


Donate your artwork to OFF THE WALL and support Propeller today – you'll be glad you did!
We've partnered with and arranged to provide a 1 YEAR huutaArt SUBSCRIPTION for artwork donations submitted via

Submit your artwork donation online and follow the instructions for your free 1 year subscription.


>>> Submit your artwork donation here. <<<


*2015 Artworks will be online as they are donated. To donate work please contact Nathan at 416.504.7142

Participating Artists of 2015

Jane Murdoch Adams | Anastessia Bettas | Dean Bradley  | Amanda Capisciolti | Susan Card  | Bob Carnie | Simone Collins |  Sharon Dembo  |  Jacques Descoteaux | DNA Dodds  | Pat Dumas-Hudecki  | Frances Ferdinand  |  Sharron Corrigan Forrest  | David Griffin |  Philip Hare Maria Teresa Hernandez | Thomas Hlavacek  |  Tatjana Hutinec  |  Lisa Johnson  |  Robin Kingsburgh | Michelle Letarte  |  Irina Litinsky  | Elnaz Mansouri  | Joseph Muscat  | Nancy Newton  | Frances Patella | Emanuel Pavao Kamelia Pezeshki  Dominique Prevost |  Janet Read  |  Anthony F. Saad | Keijo Tapanainen | Gwen Tooth | Maria Wall  | Ross Winter | 



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