TAKE 4: Group Exhibition | February 17 - 28 | North Gallery

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Take 4   jan 24

TAKE 4: Group Exhibition | February 17 -28 | Opening: Thursday February 18, 6:30 - 9:30PM

Featuring artists: DNA Dodds, Pria Muzumdar, Frances Patella, Dominique Prevost

A group exhibition featuring artists working in various media including painting, photography, collage and more!

DNA Dodds: Street photographer/non-Communist cosmology.

Pria Muzumdar: Mixed media, Alginate and dye on paper, inspired by traditions in world textile art.

Frances Patella: Photo based, mixed media work of the Controlled Burns in High Park.

Dominique Prevost: Atmospheric mixed media collaged papers of abstracted landscapes. 



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