Michelle Letarte | Epave & H2O artefacts | March 2 - 20

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Michelle Letarte: Epave & H2O artefacts | March 2 - 20

Opening:  March 3, 6:30-9:30 pm

Meet the Artists: March 13: 2-5 pm

A series of painted rust and indigo imprints derived from the story of a famous shipwreck (épave) of the “goélette L’Accalmie” in Baie St-Paul, QC.  This schooner, one of the largest left in Quebec, was anchored at the quay for 15 years and there was a movement to save it. Unfortunately, the rescue did not happen. A couple of years ago, the goélette was dragged about 200 meters to the shore and then an incendiary fire accelerated its decay. 
The artist discovered this épave, one morning of last summer at sunrise, took several pictures and collected a few rusty nuts and bolts on the deck and chunks of metal lying on the beach.  The imprints of these rusty objects became the starting point of a series of collages met to represent imaginary artefacts from the boat, corroded by years underwater. Fishermen’s nets, once used in Baie St-Paul are also featured; they are made from indigo gauze prints.  Plankton- and fish-like patterns are generated from indigo batik fabrics.

The artist has a scientific background with a PhD in biochemistry and ran a research laboratory for many years. She is now at Emeritus Professor of Immunology at the University of Toronto.  She studied part-time for several years at OCAD and has taken multiple workshops. Art is a second career and a passion. Her artworks are very experimental and she uses various textures to give 3D effects to her acrylic paintings.

She also incorporates several elements in her acrylic collages.  The indigo workshops were taken last summer in Tokushima, Japan and at Fleming College, Haliburton. While at the college, she witnessed a quick rust printing session and soon experimented on her own with the rusty metal pieces collected on her trip to Québec.  The exhibition is a story to be shared with all of you.


Photographer Claude Letarte from La Malbaie, QC, is participating in the exhibition with several images of  the famous schooner over the years.




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