David Griffin, Anthony F. Saad & Dori Vanderheyden | From The Ground UP

David Griffin, Anthony F. Saad & Dori Vanderheyden | From The Ground UP

16 Nov 2016 12:00 pm - 11 Dec 2016 5:00 pm

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Propeller Gallery

David Griffin, Anthony F. Saad & Dori Vanderheyden | From The Ground UP

    OPENING RECEPTION - Thursday 17th Novemeber   

David Griffin | Dori Vanderheyden | Anthony F. Saad


Dori Vanderheyden | Hard Surfaces: variations and deviations

These paintings delight in the sheer beauty of Canadian Shield rock formations.

The endless variations of form and colour, create complex walls of light and shadow.

Solid, permanent, formidable reminders of eons of creation, the rocks also constantly shift, crack, dissolve. The rock walls become a metaphor for the tension between the deceptive qualities of the beautiful surface and potential realities and histories. Glazed colour overlays represent alternate perceptions, and unknown histories.

David Griffin | Ut Pictura Poesis: Drawing into Space

This exhibition documents the largest drawing ever made: a colossal diagram inscribed into the sky, using Laser as the mark-making tool, and space itself as the page.

High in the landscape of Cumbe Mayo in central Peru, a remote environment of haunting stone hills, sculpted by wind and water into oddly human forms, touching the sky at 3500 metres, the drawing was recently performed -- fired upwards, inscribed on space, resulting in a portrait of 24,000 years. It is a diagram of becoming.

Ut Pictura Poesis features twelve preparatory colour sketches, visualizing the in-visible nature of the Laser drawings. There is also a graphic-novelised version of the academic paper the initial ideas for all three of the drawings in the series were developed, with a short film of the first drawing’s performance on September 30 2016.

Anthony F. Saad | Just a curious guy

Between the geological and galactic extremes of my co-exhibitors, my work sits at the fleeting temporal moments that define our experience.

Your reading of this text right now is one. (Thanks for participating!)

The other work here is derived, in part, from the captured movement through our landscape fused with an ‘after the act’ exploration of the visual materials gathered. Still images and moving pictures are reviewed dismantled deconstructed and rearranged. Curiosity is all. Original motion coalesced to stillness, luminosity compounded, colours coerced.

Some works end up abstracted to a greater or lesser degree but may offer visual cues of their beginnings. They've become their own unique identities in their own right with their own voice. These new voices are yet still tethered to their parent's form and media.

Finding the 'right' form requires experimentation. In this exhibition form and medium is also being explored - albeit just a little bit, just a beginning – at least for me. Canvas & paper are replaced with silk and synthetics.

Texture or structure, idea or act, technique or technicality; an experience that grows, blossoms and spreads is at the centre of the work . If I reveal some of that which is hidden I may have achieved something.


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