Michael Zaharuk | Hot Air | [North Gallery]

Michael Zaharuk | Hot Air | [North Gallery]

08 Mar 2017 12:00 pm - 19 Mar 2017 6:00 pm

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Propeller Gallery

Michael Zaharuk | Hot Air | [North Gallery]

March 8 - 19 | Michael Zaharuk | Hot Air | Opening: Thurs. March 8th, 7-10 PM [North Gallery]

Hot Air is a collection of prints and paintings ranging from images of whimsy to works of social and political satire. Humour and levity is set alongside images of a more serious subject matter, creating a diverse exhibition experience. Satirical political portraits bump up against whimsical prints and political cartoons set beside children’s book illustrations and graphic novel excerpts.



Michael Zaharuk is a fine artist, illustrator and syndicated political cartoonist. He currently teaches Illustrative Activism at the Ontario College of Art and Design University In Toronto Canada and Storyboarding at George Brown College. His Illustration clients include The Chicago Tribune, Governing Magazine, The Houston Press, The Progressive, The Toronto Star, University of California Magazine, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, among others. His political cartoons are distributed across North America by Artizans Entertainment, a newspaper syndicate based in Alberta Canada. He has worked for design and book publishing companies and has illustrated many children’s books. He has also worked as a production illustrator and scenic artist in film as well as a storyboard artist for both live action and animated productions. 

Artist Bio:

Conceptual expression as a vehicle for societal analysis and critique has been the focus of Michael Zaharuk’s artwork over his lifetime. His work focuses on art as communication. A visual narrative based on concise content with representational imagery and abstracted design.

Humour is also often utilized in his imagery as well as wit and whimsy.

Digital art, acrylic paint, watercolour and pen and ink are just some of the

Mediums utilized in his work.

Michael’s objective is to engage the viewer both intellectually and emotionally, to open up a forum for socio-political commentary and analysis.

To challenge traditional power structures and discourse while at the same time creating a space for visual whimsy and pleasure: aesthetic offerings combined with cerebral expression.

His influences range from contemporary art and illustration to political cartoonists to art deeply rooted in the past. George Grosz, Honoré Daumier, Diego Rivera, Francisco Goya as well as contemporary artists such as Jake and Dinos Chapman and the Clayton brothers, all represent just some of the artists Michael has drawn his inspiration from.

Zaharuk’s work aims to create a broader discussion then one just about the artwork itself. It invites the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the meaning of the imagery and debate the ideas on their own terms.


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